Bruce and Jerry (Through The Years)

     Bruce Weaver was raised in Wentling Corners, located in Clarion County, Western PA.  He attended school in the Keystone Joint School District, Knox, PA.

Bruce and Jerry 1958 (Age 10)     Bruce had his start with ventriloquism at the age of 10.  He found a Jerry Mahoney ventriloquist puppet under the Christmas tree in December, 1958.  Shortly thereafter, Bruce and Jerry performed at school, church, local Community Clubs, and the Knox, PA Public Library.

  The comedy duo performed for Bruce's Eighth Grade Class Party in l962.Bruce and Jerry 1962 (Age 14)

     Bruce graduated from Clarion State College in 1970 with a degree in Elementary Education.
He moved to North Central PA where he taught fifth and sixth grade in the Northern Tioga School District's Westfield Elementary School until his retirement in 2005.

Bruce and Jerry 1982 School Assembly
     Throughout the 70's, Jerry helped at school as Bruce included him in class and school assemblies.  They also entertained at church, scout, and community  functions in and around Knoxville, PA.

   The cast of characters started to grow in 1980.  Andy and Horton first joined Jerry in 1982 for school assemblies, two performances at the Tioga County Fair, and several other local events.

     Then Sheldon came to the group and became a real "crowd pleaser" with Rodney, his Dare-Devil Flea.

Bruce and Edgar J. Woodley
Next came Edgar J. Woodley.

 Then *Hector The Turkey.

Aunt Gabby joined the rest of the gang for Christmas shows in 2001
Aunt Gabby is now a published author for children's magazines.  Click Here For Details

*Chester Hound joined the group in the fall of 2002.

Cindy Roo
*Cindy Roo first appeared at a Bible School in 2004

Gus the Bird
*Gus the Bird was a part of the Library Shows in 2004

Stewart R. Dragon joined the troupe
for the 2005 Library Show
Stewart R. Dragon
*Stewart R. Dragon
(Nickname - Sparky)

Two New Characters
Were Introduced
For The 2006 Library Shows
sssStanley sssSnake and Mini-Kong

Stanley Snake Meets Mini-Kong

Sally Made Her Debut
in October 2007 for Children's Time
at the Yoked Churches of Knoxville

Sally Likes to Sing

Irving the Honey Bee Will Join us for
The Catch the Reading Bug
2008 Library Theme
Irving the Honey Bee
Irving says "Bee Kind to Bees".

Louie at the Ocean Bay Elem School, SC

Louie the Shark was Introduced in 2010
for the Dive Into Adventures Library Show.

Shasta Petals

Shasta Petals was also introduced in the 2010
Dive Into Adventures Summer Reading Program.

He's a P-p-p-platypus

Patrick the Platypus first appeared
in the 2011 library show
A World of Animal Tales.

Sammy Seal was also introduced
in 2011 with his amazing balancing skill

Sammy also plays the Glockenspiel

The Magic Drawing Board and Dewey the Talking Book
were a part of the Dream Big Library theme in 2012.


Theodore the Dinosaur

Theodore says dinosaurs aren't extinct.
They are in a "Secret Hideout"
in Albuquerque.
He first appeared in the
2013 Dig into Adventures at the Library show.

Myron the Mumbling Magician

Mumbling Myron will be introduced in the
2015 library show
Adventures of Courageous Characters

Today's cast of characters now totals over 20

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